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May I help you with your packs?

So someone asked if I'd test his old packs. Absolutely! I would love to do that for a few reasons, to help people and to get more data for the site, data not of new packs but of packs used and abused over time.

(this page is a rough draft, I'll polish it up soon, gotta make it more persuasive...)

I'm trying to figure out the logistics behind that, for example can I afford to cover the postage to send you back your batteries free of charge. Meanwhile I'd love to get started, so if you've got an old pack and you're interested, email me with the link up top, describe the pack and how much and for how long you've used it and with what plane and so forth, I'll give you my address and we'll take it from there.

Among the details on this section of the site is citing who contributed, of course.

Doug Simmons