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All packs unused prior to testing:

battery, vendor, price
claimed tested* truth**
runs date notes
Turnigy Graphene 1300 3S
HobbyKing, $20.54 link
65C (85A) 32C (42A)
3 9/13/17 cycling helped
Glacier 75C 1800mAh 3S
BuddyRC, $29.00 link
75C (135A) 26C (48A)
4 9/14/17 24C after
5 cycles
GForce 40C 1300mAh 3S
ValueHobby, $12.99 link
40C (52A) 25C (33A) 63% 4 9/8/17 bought two
GForce 40C 1300mAh 3S
ValueHobby, $11.99 link
40C (52A) 21C (27A) 53% 3 9/9/17 2nd of pair
Admiral 1800mAh 3S
MotionRC, $17.99 link
30C (54A) 23C (42A)
3 9/11/17 favorite brand
stay tuned

*  see "Procedures" below for testing process
** = tested C / claimed C x 100

Procedures and equipment (click image to enlarge):

All tests are conducted in a uniform manner using the Wayne Giles ESR/IR Meter, pictured above from multiple runs cycling batteries between 4.2V and 3.7V-3.83V with balanced charging and discharging at no more than 1C.

Meter tests are conducted at 4.2V/cell, pack temperature of 22℃ using a digital thermometer wrapped around the pack. Per the manual, the cell of the greatest resistence at 4.2V is considered the respective packs' C ratings from the most flattering of the conducted tests.

I bought my meter from ProgressiveRC for $95.

DataUsed packs Huh?Backend? Help me

All packs below USED and MISTREATED prior to testing

The following are tests performed on old packs whose number of cycles, strength of currents applied and storing at storage voltage is only a rough estimate by me and users who mailed me their batteries. Therefore do not consider the data on used packs at all reliable, and note further that any unflattering tested discharge ratings neither reflect the safe continuous discharge rate of the batteries when they were either new or young and do not judge the vendor based on the data below. In other words, consider it a vague reference of packs that have been used and possibly abused over a long period of time, so interpret accordingly or disregard the data entirely.

claimed tested picture bought metered history/condition
Admiral 2200mAh 3S
MotionRC, $19.99
35C 20C 8/10/17 9/17/17 15 flights tops
Glacier 2600mAh 6S
BuddyRC, $49.99
30C 21C 6/2/16 9/19/17 Dozen flights,
WOT benchtests
EZ Flite 3300mAh 6S
HeadsUpRC, $66.95
50C 24C 9/6/16 9/19/17 Not much use
Gforce 4000mAh 6S
ValueHobby, $54.40
30C 15C 9/21/16 9/19/17 no cycles but
did store charged
Admiral 3700mAh 3S
MotionRC, $36.99
40C 15C 1/5/17 9/19/17 lots and lots
of use
Admiral 2200mAh 3S
MotionRC, $25.99
45C 21C 6/16/17 9/20/17 many high
current flights

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